Me Llamo Katy.

I don't really speak spanish.

so I’m submitting photos to the student art show and I need to know if they’re better in color or black and white so if anyone wants to give me opinions/critique, feel free!

also, a big thanks to Madison (aka Iusedtocareiwasbeingcareful) for putting up with me/the cold for me to take these shots!

The Postelles - Amos Southend, Charlotte, NC

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The Postelles - Amos Southend, Charlotte, NC

Riding the Subway with Stanley Kubrick

As most New Yorkers know, the subway system is the lifeline of New York City.   In 1946 Stanley Kubrick set out as a staff photographer for LOOK Magazine to capture the story of New York City’s subway commuters.

The bottom picture of the ankles touching is one of my favorite images.

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